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Repo info
hello guys. is there any betaflight board on budget that can handle hexacopter, we get kit from ebay with APM2 and this is no more supported :(
what you can suugest to us else ?
tnx in advance and best regards
Michael Keller
Hi @adnanp78. I'd go for any of the non-nano OMNIBUS flight controllers: https://store.myairbot.com/flight-controller.html?dir=asc&order=price They are good value for price.
Rick Nitsche
i am running the betaflight SITL, but it doesn't answer to mavlink commandws on port 5761 yet
I am trying to use dronekit in python to send mavlink commands
Michael Keller
You need to configure port 5761 (shown as UART1) for Mavlink, or this won't work.
Patrick José Pereira
Someone knows the connector name of the dalrc f405
Joe Hermaszewski
Hi all
What is the betaflight f7 max current for a single ESC?
This is for a single engine fixed wing build
Also, is the betaflight f7 board open source?
The specs say that the current sensor has a limit of 145A
Michael Keller
No, the board design is not open source. Probably best ask GetFPV about the current limit, they designed the board.
Ravi Teja
Hi. I have a spracing f3 deluxe board and I want to check how the peripherals are connected to stm32f303. Where can I get that info?
Michael Keller
The schematics for most boards are not public. You'll have to ask the supplier of your board for the schematics for it.
hi guys, i own a SPRACINGF3 which is one of the board affected by the memory usage with 3.5
do you suggest me to upgrade to 3.5?
really i didn't fly a lot with 3.4 because i had problem with the yaw, so i was hoping that 3.5 with the FF would have solved all
where i could find a list of the removed features in this target?
thanks @mikeller it doesn't sound too bad
is it possible to stream arbitrary values for telemetry data ?
or are all the channels already defined as specific types
I'm using a teranis radio
Michael Keller
Hi @rmawatson. For arbitrary values you'd obviously have to modify the firmware. But you should ask this in Slack instead (registration at https://slack.betaflight.com).
hey, anyone knows what firmware to flash for cc3d brushed fc? it comes with openpilot but i wanna swap to betaflight if possible
Michael Keller
Hey @ftpn. Betaflight has dropped support for F1 based flight controllers like the CC3D a long time back - you could try running an outdated version of Betaflight, but support for it would be pretty limited. But you should ask this in Slack instead (registration at https://slack.betaflight.com).
Hitesh Sagar
hi everyone.. I am developing an fc which runs betaflight firmware on it..
I need to know how can I make it recogniseable
Michael Keller
@Hitesh-Sagar: You should ask this in Slack instead (registration at https://slack.betaflight.com).
Hitesh Sagar