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Hello, can you help me?
How do I create a BarChart from c# 100%?
Hello everyone, how to change size of cells in heat series?
Hello everyone, I am having problems with the binding on the scrollable chart. When I set the From and To attributes the tickets gets displayed when havering over graph but the dates don't get set correctly
Hi all. Is it possible to reduce the spacing of the Y-value steps? I've tried reducing the step size to 1, but I want it to be variable, just not as spaced out as it is when it's doing it automatically
hei, is there a way I can check when the Graphic part of a Cartesian Chart is generated using an event?
Rounded corners to livecharts bar graph?
hei guys, anyone has some tutorials for live charts 2?
Hello.Why is Taiwan not included in the map of China?
When I try to login to lvcharts.net I keep getting the following error:
The view 'ExternalLoginCallback' or its master was not found or no view engine supports the searched locations.
The following locations were searched:
Is it Free or Paid
hello everyone...
im new on C# and i need some help..
i need to plo an list to my series.. i have some data from a file, ist a list of doubles.. i wanna show it in a serie on my chart.. how can i do that?
Vadim Moskvin
LiveCharts.Geared isn't available on UWP?
hello everyono, how can i set values for X and Y axis for a single serie?
hey guys, i'm new here. And i was trying to use this awesome library. A few question:
  1. I was using angular gauge in winforms for showing the wind direction for my wind vane sensor, can i remove the default numbering and make my own, as it needs to display the wind direction, and can i flipped the default 0 /359 to the top so it will direct to north and make the pointer run CW or CCW so it doesn't have to run in reverse to pointing 1 from 359? Or I am using the wrong chart library here?
  2. how to use polar charts? any working examples in winforms?
Hi, I wanna use livecharts for generate 8 lineChart realTime(50Hz rate). Can it do that ?
Arber Aliu
hey Guys, there is a mistake on this section: https://lvcharts.net/App/examples/v1/Wpf/Dynamic%20Visibility So there is the XAML part missing. Can anybody help me?
Hi All, I would like to put a corner radius on each column on the column series. How would I do that please? Thank you in advance
Francisco Velásquez Ferrada
Hello, i'm trying to use LiveChartsCore.SkiaSharpView.WPF -Version 2.0.0-beta.101 in my WPF .NET 5.0 project but i cannot add controls to the toolboxs in Visual Studio 2022
Has anyone accomplish that? Thanks
This is the error: "LiveChartsCore.SkiaSharpView.WPF.dll targets a platform whose toolbox items cannot be enumerated dynamically"
Kiran Antony
Hello, I'm trying to use stacked area chart (stackmode = values). I select entries dynamically to be added to a series collection which is rendered. When two entries with overlapping data is rendered (55/45 split in y data), it shows the stacked values and also the legend on the points show the two entries with different colors, however in the overlapping area the color for only one of the entries is present. Any idea why this could be?
I'm using live charts 0.9.7 nugget package on .net 4.8.
Kiran Antony
If i remove all entries from the series collection and re add everything stacking of the individual series is working. However this is a lot of un-needed processing. Is there an event that can be triggered to re render all series in the series collection ?
Paul Coomans
Hello, I would like to change the email address that I use to log into the LiveCharts account. How is this possible?
Why does the bar chart tool tip keep showing 50 0.00%? What are all of those extra zeros and how to I make them go away? My values are all Ints and will never have a decimal point.
Lorenzo Buratta
Does anyone bought the geared version?

Hey ! some very basic question, any idea how to have any chart focus on the values ?

Currently my lowest value is 25000 and its showing the space between 25000 and 0 which is not what i want

hellow, admins
we are developers who want to purchase certificates.
But there are some unknowns.
I'd like to purchase a personal certificate.
By the way, how do I apply my personal ID?
I am planning to purchase a total of 4 certificates.
What I buy is not a team unit.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
feed back plz-:)
hi i'd like to ask is livecharts is able to import with winform C# ?
Where do I find my "Activation Key"? I don't see this anywhere, I paid, have the receipt and invoice, all looks good but the Activator runs and asks for the Activation Key and I don't see this anywhere.
Michael Holmblad
Is there a beta for version 2 of this?
Hello, How to set table from sql query as a source of chart values?
Kiran Antony Babu

Issue: Livecharts not resizing on window maximize

Livecharts (stacked area + line) is inside a stackpanel which takes up 70* of the height. Once the SeriesCollection is updated, the chart updates.
However, Now when i maximize the window, the chart is still the same size as before.
How to make it automatically resize ?

Hello, We are interested in buying lv charts geared Team license. Our procurement team from ltts is trying to contact you over e-mail but haven't received any reply yet. Kindly let us know how my company procurement team can contact you so that we can speed up this purchase activity. Thanks
Shahab Nassiri
hi my friends
i want to get image export from live chart in c# windows form application, for this goal, i use from DrawToBitmap method
but this method return black screen when i don't show the chart into the panel
is there anyone for help me for solving this problem

Hi Team

we are facing below error : while decrypting signencrypted file generated using Bouncycastle library

Error decrypting message: Session key decryption failed.

Also same file we have tried with GPG tool: we received below detail: plz suggest what's wrong here in this file or our process

gpg: encrypted with rsa3072 key, ID ###############, created 2021-10-26
"Tazapay Devops (Tazapay SCB dev PGP) <#########>"
gpg: used key is not marked for encryption use.
File 'doc' exists. Overwrite? (y/N) n
Enter new filename: doc1
gpg: Signature made 12-May-22 11:31:45 AM India Standard Time
gpg: using RSA key ###################
gpg: issuer "##############"
gpg: Good signature from "###############" [unknown]
gpg: WARNING: This key is not certified with a trusted signature!
gpg: There is no indication that the signature belongs to the owner.
Primary key fingerprint: #########################################
gpg: WARNING: message was not integrity protected
gpg: decryption forced to fail!

GPG version :
gpg (GnuPG) 2.3.6
libgcrypt 1.10.1
Copyright (C) 2021 g10 Code GmbH
License GNU GPL-3.0-or-later https://gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.

Please let us know how to fix this.

below is our decryption code

const messagedecrypt:any =fs.readFileSync("TESTPGP_PGPOUT", "utf8");
const message:any = await openpgp.readMessage({
armoredMessage: messagedecrypt, // parse armored message

const { data: decrypted, signatures } = await openpgp.decrypt({
verificationKeys: publicKey, // optional
decryptionKeys: privateKey1
console.log(decrypted); // 'Hello, World!'

try {
await signatures[0].verified; // throws on invalid signature
console.log('Signature is valid');
} catch (e) {
throw new Error('Signature could not be verified: ' + e.message);

This is the most abandoned project I've ever seen.
Dani Neuss

Hi Beto (and anyone reading this)

In our little company we are really loving your tool and are proud and happy owners of a Geared License. Now we experience an issue with one of our customers where the Cartesian Chart does not render at all (it is really simply blank) - did anyone experience a similar issue

Our best guess so far is that they are running an LTSC version of Windows 10 on their machine (Version 1809) but we couldn't yet confirm this hunch.

Any help would of course be appreciated, thanks,