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Oct 2014
Oct 13 2014 17:24
Yay. I remember we talked about htis at R4G and then it stagnated at big :)
I'm excited.
Brian Glusman
Oct 13 2014 19:14
Yeah, me too... one thing I'm struggling with a bit is, having condensed debt into a number, how do we selectively uncondense it/break it down by source, and does that need to be part of the tool, or just encourage people to use rubycritic for that? should it always track/point out the single file contributing the most debt to the score perhaps as a suggested starting point?
Brian Glusman
Oct 13 2014 19:24
@SeanMarcia ^
I'm still getting hang of gitter
Christopher Sexton
Oct 13 2014 21:51
@bglusman thanks for setting this up!