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Jürgen Eckel
@abhishe57732197_twitter sure, can you post a code snippet? transfers work on asset base and is only possible for asset integers not for fractoins of an asset.
Jürgen Eckel
@z3ky nice! BigchainDB is a Tendermint aplication. It is usually build up by multiple nodes. the decentralized way of verifying the integrity of the data is to ask other nodes of the network for their values/data. having that, you can compare it (as a user). The other option is to verify all the blocks of the node from it genesis.
@pavan_vora_twitter yes, this is possible, you can extend cryptoconditions. This is from my point of view the best point to start doing this.
@shawnwong84 yes, multiple times. just read the following lines http://docs.bigchaindb.com/en/latest/installation/node-setup/set-up-nginx.html
how can a project implement this tech?
Dmitry I

Hey guys. I am researching BCDB possible application
came to this post
this post is very old (2016) maybe a lot of changed after that

can someone guide me how this was addressed in the end?

But BigchainDB's architecture is fundamentally flawed. All BigchainDB nodes, by design, connect to a single RethinkDB cluster. (RethinkDB is a distributed NoSQL database, kinda like MongoDB but better.) If something bad happens to that RethinkDB cluster, the whole blockchains goes down.

Dmitry I
another question: is there any "blockchain explorer" for this BCDB?
Alex Puig
In a private network is there any way to protect CREATE transactions and allow for TRANSFER ones? Maybe only nodes can do CREATE and force clients to go through a gateway and allow only TRANSFER? Is there any difference in the HTTP POST call we could use to filter?
ERROR: Failed to create node: Error during handshake: Error calling Info: EOF when trying tendermint start and on bigchaindb server segmentation fault error
Akash Pateria
If I have several clients subscribed to a BCDB node's WebSocket server, and that node goes offline and comes back up, would it lose all the subscribers? If so, what should the clients do to avoid the response message loss?
Sergiu Popescu
could someone tell me how to use upsert-validator argument on bigchaindb? I have an existing 3 node setup and I want to add another node and to make it join to the network, and I in the docs they say that wothout shutting down the whole network we could use upsert-validator? I can't make it work, can anyone help me? thanks in advance
Naveen Gajjala
Hii everyone ,iam new to bigchaindb .According to bigchaindb docs the assets are immutable.But from mongodb compass i can change the asset manually.So ,while retreiving how to know whether data has been modified or not.
Paul Hedges

Hello; my team and I are currently looking to transition from locally stored flat files with our wallet and chain to utilizing bigchainDB; everything has been going fine thus far and I'm not sure if we will run into issues. However I was looking to see if there is anyone around here with experience utilizing the software specifically that we can bounce questions off real-time when the conversion takes place.

The "Amount" in our system is a little unique than most in it isn't currency, however all other aspects follow a typical blockchain deployment.


hi @ttmc i tried to execute the code (sent_creation_tx = bdb.transactions.send_commit(fulfilled_creation_tx) but a timeout error is appearing in the screeen TimeoutError Traceback (most recent call last)

<ipython-input-26-6495e0171e3f> in <module>
----> 1 sent_creation_tx = bdb.transactions.send_commit(fulfilled_creation_tx)
/opt/anaconda3/envs/blockchain/lib/python3.8/site-packages/bigchaindb_driver/driver.py in send_commit(self, transaction, headers)
369 """
--> 370 return self.transport.forward_request(
371 method='POST',
372 path=self.path,
/opt/anaconda3/envs/blockchain/lib/python3.8/site-packages/bigchaindb_driver/transport.py in forward_request(self, method, path, json, params, headers)
73 start = time()
74 try:
---> 75 response = connection.request(
76 method=method,
77 path=path,
/opt/anaconda3/envs/blockchain/lib/python3.8/site-packages/bigchaindb_driver/connection.py in request(self, method, path, json, params, headers, timeout, backoff_cap, **kwargs)
75 if timeout is not None and timeout < backoff_timedelta:
---> 76 raise TimeoutError
78 if backoff_timedelta > 0:
TimeoutError: T The bdb url i am using is bdb_root_url = ‘’ ( where i have hosted the Bigchaindb server ) please help

hi @ttmc i also tried to host a election from one node of my system and executed bigchaindb election new upsert-validator HHG0IQRybpT6nJMIWWFWhMczCLHt6xcm7eP52GnGuPY= 1 fb7140f03a4ffad899fabbbf655b97e0321add66 --private-key /home/user/.tendermint/config/priv_validator.json b but an error popped up showing ---- raise ValueError(‘recipients list cannot be empty’)
ValueError: recipients list cannot be empty How to solve it??
hi @BarathKumarDharani have you hosted election b/w tendermint nodeds , if yes my question is when i tried to conduct an election b/w nodes an recipent error occured and no election id was generated , please help me with this man
Hello everyone. Hope my message finds you well and healthy. I'm new to blockchain technologies so in my attempt to understand how bigchaindb works I have created an Angular project with .net core 3.1. I have also created an ubuntu bigchaindb server and I have successfully ran both instances of bigchaindb and tendermint node. So far so good... I have managed to create a couple of transactions successfully using the c# driver and I have also implemented the omnibase API. Now.... Since the particular API is limited (query-wise) I'm assuming that I can create my own custom queries directly to mongodb using the mongodb c# client without any tendermint node in the middle. My question to you is: I'm I braking any fundamental rule architecture-wise? Since Posts requests are always created in Tendermint and later on are stored in MongoDB do I need to follow the same flow on the retrieval of data? Thanking you all in advance. Looking forward for your response.
Muhammad Salman

Hello everyone.I am running single bigchaindb server node and also successfully making transactions but transactions are nor saving on bigchaindb and neither giving any errors.Unconfirmed transactions are zero.Is it because of single node?
"server": {
"bind": "localhost:9984",
"loglevel": "info",
"workers": null
"wsserver": {
"scheme": "ws",
"host": "localhost",
"port": 9985,
"advertised_scheme": "ws",
"advertised_host": "localhost",
"advertised_port": 9985
"tendermint": {
"host": "localhost",
"port": 26657,
"version": "v0.31.5"
"database": {
"backend": "localmongodb",
"connection_timeout": 5000,
"max_tries": 3,
"ssl": false,
"ca_cert": null,
"certfile": null,
"keyfile": null,
"keyfile_passphrase": null,
"crlfile": null,
"host": "localhost",
"port": 27017,
"name": "hydra",
"replicaset": null,
"login": null,
"password": null


"genesis_time": "2021-03-30T11:30:26.611712831Z",
"chain_id": "test-chain-Sh8UDQ",
"consensus_params": {
"block": {
"max_bytes": "22020096",
"max_gas": "-1",
"time_iota_ms": "1000"
"evidence": {
"max_age": "100000"
"validator": {
"pub_key_types": [
"validators": [
"address": "AFD2B2DE44982DEAF1DA4CAEB8F2D4BDC23F8F04",
"pub_key": {
"type": "tendermint/PubKeyEd25519",
"value": "vLDbfrR2zHVv5QWl9ytmp7SSUaSgSSgeisfI1aHVLoU="
"power": "10",
"name": ""
"app_hash": ""

Muhammad Salman
Can I run single node in production enviroment?
hi @ss1476 what type of transaction have you posted in bigchaindb server , can you share a snippet of code you used .
Alagie Sellu

Hello all.

I have been soo passionate about Blockchain beyond its Cryptocurrency use. I have been trying to get admission into graduate schools by submitting research proposals in the area. But I now need help in formulating a great research theme on Blockchain possible with BigchainDB.

My rough ideas;

  1. CRAB Operations using ORM on a Blockchain Database
  2. Designing a Blockchain solution for E-Governance for small National Government like The Gambia

I really need ideas and contributing in finding my passion in Blockchain as it is where I want to focus my academic career.

Anyone willing to help and contact me can get in contact through alagiesellu@gmail.com


Rick A-001
Or maybe ipdb is meant to be used as a 'framework' to run your own server nodes collection ?
All work fine except this error
any ideas xx.xx.xx.xx is the wan server adresse
E[2021-05-14|18:55:45.050] Dialing failed module=pex addr=7b836124a21b45643413060ad82e24e3981e39c@xx.xx.xx.xx:26656 err="auth failure: secret conn failed: read tcp xx.xx.xx.xx:33780->xx.xx.xx.xx:26656: read: connection reset by peer" attempts=4
need to remove server in persistent_peers ???
Kumar Suman
I have to implement BigChainDB network so I wanted to know is there cloud network URL so we host Apps like mongodb cloud?
How to use smart contracts
I am using BigChainDB ANSI C driver, so i wanted to know information regarding creating connection with BigChainDB , posting and committing the transactions
Hi, is the bigchanindb test network running and accessible?
hi all .According to bigchaindb docs the assets are immutable.But from mongodb compass i can change the asset manually.So ,while retreiving how to know whether data has been modified or not.
Hello! I am trying to setup BigChainDB on a Redhat Linux 7 on Sandbox . So a private IP with no access to internet. Whatever files are required, I download them from another machine and scp to this Sandbox.
I managed to setup Mongo Db, Tendermint, PIP3 - Python v21 and also Docker, Docker-compose using the rpms and binaries available.
But for BigChainDB, I am stuck. As any approach (python PIP3 install of BigChainDB or using GitHub Master version - Docker-compose), I guess requires internet
How do I proceed with setting up in a Sandbox - Private IP
I need to setup three such nodes on 3 Sandbox servers.
Kindly help.
Henrique Almeida Marcomini
Hi, is this currently mantained? It's been over a year since the last commit on master
carine zaraket
can please share with me how to setup bigchainDB on a VM ubunto 18.04
Patel Shyam

Hello, I am researching about saving historical time-series data of OPCUA server in BigchainDb. My planning is to save time-series data in metadata as suggested in official key-concepts.


I am not getting any help from web or document regarding how to retrieve asset after initial asset creation.
1) Get Metadata object of particular asset.
2) Edit Metadata object of particular asset.

If someone is having experience regarding this type of topic then let me know. I need a little help from you.

Thank you in Advance.

Jürgen Eckel
@patelshyam there is an overview about the webapi: http://docs.bigchaindb.com/projects/server/en/latest/http-client-server-api.html you can search for metadata and asset data, or just search for the transaction if you have the transaction-id
@test1big_gitlab just fire up the all-in-one docker image or use the installation instrcutions from here: https://docs.bigchaindb.com/en/latest/installation/index.html
Pokemon Pixel Art NFT Collection
Hello guys, i am working with this app https://github.com/Omnibasis/bigchaindb-csharp-driver for C#. They work for me perfectly but when i try to insert them into a Controller, this !AsyncContext.Run(() => builder.setup() not works. Any sugestion?
2 replies
carine zaraket
@thangasblockchain could you please tell me how did you solve the err="incompatible: Peer is on a different network."
37 replies
Pokemon Pixel Art NFT Collection
the proyect still alive? i am using https://test.ipdb.io and data has remove every day. How can i use not test network?
Jürgen Eckel
sure it's alive, it's deleted per day because of european GDPR laws. test.ipdb.io is for testing purposes only and the foundation cannot take responsibility for data being posted to the DB. you can easily set up a node or network on your own. than you have persistency.
carine zaraket
i have a problem with tendirment peering apparently the port 26656 is enabled on tcp6 only how can i solve such a problem ?
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Sejal Gupta
Hi, I am a newbie and had a doubt. would appreciate any help.
a) Is it possible to make multiple owners in bigchaindb (while TRANSFER, I am always the owner but I also allow someone else to be an owner temporarily)
b) I have an asset and I want another person to view it but with restrictions on viewing all transactions associated with that asset id. In this case, can we add the restriction measures in the metadata of the transaction and apply server-side logic to filter data based on those restrictions. Assuming, viewing access is given.
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Patrik Kinander

HI. I've seen other ppl haveing the same problem but no solution:

Got invalid InitChain ABCI request

I had 2 node up working fine, after 2 days I set up a 3 node, trying to connect it to the other 2. config.tom and genesis.json set up correctly I think.
Still as soon as I start tendermint on the third machine Bigchaindb stops with the error: Got invalid InitChain ABCI request

Is there anything I'm missing here??
Do I need to copy the MongoDB over to machine number 3 first? Or does Tendermint sync that?

Patel Shyam

Hi, I have developed the application of IoT sensor Timeseries data saving.

For adding Timeseries data inside the BigchainDb I am following the below steps.

Step 1: Register the sensor with a sensor tag e.g. sensor 1_1 with CREATE transaction.
Step 2: Add time series data in the metadata in the next TRANSFER Transection.

For filtering out Timeseries data I am following the below steps.

Step 1: Get all TRANSFER Transections associated with asset sensor 1_1.
Step 2: Check the metadata one by one if the date inside the metadata is in between desired date or not.
Step 3: If it is in between then add data to the list and return the list.

Is there could be an optimal way than this? I have tried to find examples for this type of use case but didn't find any for TimeSeries data.

Pokemon Pixel Art NFT Collection
Hello guys, I have a deployed node and my question is... is it possible to make the node connect with other nodes so that the information is not only in one node? or my best option is to deploy X nodes and create each transaction on the X nodes? thats for your help
This page does not seem to work - http://www.bigchaindb.com/developers/getstarted#server
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