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I am new to the blockchain world and would like to know if there is a way to build a gateway between a blockchain database and a relational database?
are bigchaindb and ipdp separate things?
how to use bigchaindb with ethereum smart contracts? I have seen that some examples of the bigchaindb github have been deprecated
Conor Coxxx
Anyone available to help me build a database?
Oswaldo Neto
@Conor_Coxxx_twitter localhost or cloud?
which companies are using bigchain db and how are they using it?
can anyone explain me who are service providers of bigchaindb? Isn't bigchaindb free and opensource?
can we work on encrypted data with bigchaindb?
who is the service provider of bigchaindb?
Oswaldo Neto
You can use BigchainDB with mongoDB on local machine, virtual machine or even on the cloud
@oswaldocostaneto bigchain internally uses mongodb right or do we have to separately connect bigchaindb and mongodb?
Oswaldo Neto
as you can see in the documentation, mongoDB is installed together in the package when creating bigchaindb. So, if you do a BigchainDB installation, you will already be with mongoDB too. However, data manipulation within the database used by bigchainDB (default is 'bigchain') must be done using the appropriate drivers.
@oswaldocostaneto thanks, I am getting confused with ipdb, rethinkdb, in bigchaindb 2.0
they shifted bigchain to ipdp right?
can bigchaindb search on encrypted data?
how to store data does every client have their own bigchaindb?
Hi All. I have tried the example "create a digital record " getting the error
TypeError: bip39.mnemonicToSeed(...).slice is not a function
please let me know what I'm missing
Simon Pfeifhofer

Hi All,

I've a simple bigchaindb-setup:
Node A, B, C.

B connects to A (using persistent_peers). Blocks get synched, everything ok.
C connects to A (using persistent_peers). Error: "err="auth failure: secret conn failed: EOF" attempts=X"

If I disconnect B, then C can establish the connection, however it shouldn't be a problem to connect more than one node to a single node.

Where is my mistake?
What could be the problem?


Hi All, I have a question related to verification of signature on bigchaindb. How is the verification of signature on a transaction done? In models.py, InvalidSignature error is raised, however I am not able to identify what the exact verifying funtion /algorithm is. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
Hi all,
I have BDB network with 4 nodes and it works fine. Now I want to add new node. I have tried election new upsert-validator from node1, but I got error:
ERROR:bigchaindb.commands.bigchaindb:Public key is not a part of the validator set. Public key (for node1) is valid and it is taken from working genesis.json. What I have done wrong?

Hi all, I am new to bigchaindb. When I try to start service tendermint (sudo docker-compose up -d bigchaindb), I get an error : "from github.com.tendermint.tendermint.crypto.merkle import merkle_pb2 as github_dot_com_dot_tendermint_dot_tendermint_dot_crypto_dot_merkle_dot_merkle__pb2
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'github.com.tendermint.tendermint'
ERROR: Service 'bigchaindb' failed to build: The command '/bin/sh -c bigchaindb -y configure' returned a non-zero code: 1"

What could be the issue?Any help is appreciated.

Hi all,I have set up bigchain db ,mongdb and tenderment by this link https://docs.bigchaindb.com/projects/server/en/latest/simple-deployment-template/set-up-node-software.html . When I start bigchaindb with command bigchaindb start Iam getting this error(screenshot below given)
Hi !
@zzappie Thanks !
@zzappie i have another question, how do you ensure that the underlying database cant be changed from a local user ?
i want to try a similar architecture but with a relational database
saksham verma
Hi everyone ! i want to search transaction using transaction id that is generated after asset being transferred . ( using nodejs ) any solution?
Oswaldo Neto
@pdelgadohurtado , This is a basic thing for Blockchain. The fact that there is Hash control between the blocks (pointing to the hash of the previous block), prevents inadvertent changes in the database locally. If you want, do a test: Manually modify a transaction in the database and, later, search for it through its ID in the transaction search engine available through the BigchainDB API.
@sksvsp16_gitlab , You can do any type of query with MongoDB engines. Just search for the ID in the TRANSACTIONS collection.
@oswaldocostaneto im talking about the UNDERLYING database. AFAI BigchainDB uses MongoDB internally, i want to know, what happen if an user can modify locally Mongodb, and alter the register somehow...
Hi everyone! I have run bigchaindb with all-in-one docker (https://docs.bigchaindb.com/projects/server/en/latest/appendices/all-in-one-bigchaindb.html)
What I´m trying to do now, is to connect with the mongo database of the docker container, but I am not beeing able. The URI I use is : mongodb://{hostname}/bigchain. But I get connection refused error. Can anyone help me? thanks!
Sorry, the last uri is wrong, which I am specifying is mongodb://{hostname}:27017/bigchain
Hi, I am quite new to bigchaindb and am trying to get https://github.com/RiddleAndCode/bigchaindb-c-driver/ installed. When I run make, I get the following error: "ld: library not found for -lgcov
clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1" and also for -lasan. Would anyone know how this can be resolved? Thanks in advance.
Hello All,is there anything like fabric channel in bigchaindb that only allow permissioned non-validators to sync state?
Thomas Olofsson
General Question: Is there any type definitions made for the bigchaindb js driver. Trying to use it from es6 typescript with some problems
Thomas Olofsson
is the bigchaindb project abandoned?
Majd Turfa
I think not
David Dashyan
@blessonvarghese I'm not familiar with c driver but I think you just need to use gcc toolchain since gcov is part of it.
Hey @pdelgadohurtado :) Bigchaindb is synced trough tendermint. Tendermint provides consensus mechanism to ensure all nodes agree on current state
@thomas148_gitlab It just much less active than It used to be since the core team switched to work on Ocean Protocol
Sergiu Popescu
Hi! I'm new to BigchainDB but I'm really want to learn it. I have some issue creating a BigchainDB network, can anyone help me? And yes I read the documentation. Is there a way to ad a BigchainDB node without shitting down all the nodes? Thanks in advance
Alagie Sellu
Hello everyone,
I am a BSc Computer Science graduate from University of The Gambia where am currently working as a software developer. It's a young university founded in 1999.
My interest is mainly around security and trust. Which direct me towards Blockchain technology use to address corruption and promote good governance.
My the computer science department at my university is relatively small and don't have any expert in the area of blockchain. Looking for a supervisor to help me pursuit my research interest.
Diego Torres
hi there! I'm having an issues installing js drivers, always the same error for bigchaindb-driver and bip39...
anyone can help, please?

Does anyone knows if it is possible to store more transactions in a block?

So far I understood that for each transaction generated, 1 block is created.|

Hyperledger Fabric claims to achieve a throughput of 3,500 transactions per second, which is clearly not achievable if in BigchainDB we create a block for each transaction.

Hi everyone, Is development in bigchaindb is stopped ? Because, there are no updates in any platform.