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Repo info
    Troy McConaghy
    @Vishal1010101 I think something is wrong with the JS driver in npm. If you get the JS driver straight from GitHub, I think that one is working. https://github.com/bigchaindb/js-bigchaindb-driver
    Thanks man @ttmc seems like there is an issue with the Ed25519Keypair.js file through npm.
    It's solved in the github commit.
    querying for the metadata gives an error where as assets is working fine with the url
    status: '500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR'
    also changing the url to http://localhost:9984/api/v1/ in api_path is also giving an error { FetchError: request to http://localhost:9984/api/v1/metadata?search=1.32 failed, reason: connect ECONNREFUSED
    Troy McConaghy
    @Vishal1010101 Put double quotes (%22) around the 1.32 in the requestURI, e.g. https://test.bigchaindb.com/api/v1/metadata?search=%221.32%22
    @tttmc why we have to give a specific url in the API_PATH shouldn't it be working with "https://test.bigchaindb.com/api/v1/" as it is working fine with assets
    Troy McConaghy
    I don't know. Reality is strange, sometimes.
    @ttmc indeed it is
    FetchError: request to http://localhost:9984/api/v1/transactions?mode=commit failed, reason: connect ECONNREFUSED
    @ttmc help man
    Troy McConaghy
    @Vishal1010101 Do other endpoints work? Such as just http://localhost:9984
    yes it does
    i am using the docs and running the same code
    hello guys , i installed bigchaindb-driver but still getting an error saying bip39 is not found , how should i fix it ??
    Troy McConaghy
    @abhi-nilekar The JavaScript driver available from npm is broken (and I don't know how to fix it) but I do know that the JavaScript driver available directly from the JavaScript driver GitHub repo is working, at least in that regard. See https://github.com/bigchaindb/js-bigchaindb-driver
    Robel kebede
    i am having trouble transferring asset bigchaindb:all-in-one image and bigchaindb-driver:4.0.0
    Robel kebede
    TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of undefined
    _app_1 | at /app/node_modules/bigchaindb-driver/dist/node/transaction.js:285:49
    _app_1 | at Array.map (<anonymous>)
    _app_1 | at Function.makeTransferTransaction (/app/node_modules/bigchaindb-driver/dist/node/transaction.js:280:41)
    _app_1 | at Promise (/app/foodchain.js:205:60)
    _app_1 | at new Promise (<anonymous>)
    _app_1 | at foodchain.transferAsset (/app/foodchain.js:198:16)
    _app_1 | at app.post (/app/index.js:49:13)
    _app_1 | at Layer.handle [as handle_request] (/app/node_modules/express/lib/router/layer.js:95:5)
    _app_1 | at next (/app/node_modules/express/lib/router/route.js:137:13)
    _app_1 | at Route.dispatch (/app/node_modules/express/lib/router/route.js:112:3)
    i am having trouble transferring asset bigchaindb:all-in-one image and bigchaindb-driver:4.0.0
    lakshit singh
    Hi everyone, I have been able to generate the keys of a create transactions but the data is not showing up in bigchaindb trying collection.asset.find() yields no result but the postedTransaction is successfully returning the created asset

    How to get all available Assets?
    How to get all assets for particular public Key/private key?

    Using below URL to retrieve the specific assets/metadata using search criteria


    @robelkebede44 Hi Robel,

    I am having the same problem.

    I am using nodejs driver 4.1.0 as the 4.1.1 appears not to work properly.

    How did you resolve this when running the function? driver.Transaction.makeTransferTransaction(

    when i send this transaction
    const tx = BigchainDB.Transaction.makeCreateTransaction(
    // Define the asset to store, in this example it is the current temperature
    // (in Celsius) for the city of Berlin.
    { message:'thsa is my forbmnfds '},
                // Metadata contains information about the transaction itself
                // (can be `null` if not needed)
                // A transaction needs an output
                [ BigchainDB.Transaction.makeOutput(
            // Sign the transaction with private keys
            const txSigned = BigchainDB.Transaction.signTransaction(tx, alice.privateKey)
            // Send the transaction off to BigchainDB
            let conn = new BigchainDB.Connection(API_PATH)
    const API_PATH = 'http://localhost:9984/api/v1/'
    then it worked
    but when i try to access bigchaindb node which are running on another device and commit same transaction then i'm getting this error
    {message: "HTTP Error: Requested page not reachable", status: "500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR", requestURI: ""}
    message: "HTTP Error: Requested page not reachable"
    requestURI: "http://ip-address-of-device:9984/api/v1/transactions?mode=commit"
    status: "500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR"
    proto: Object
    @mdhinakaran To get all the available assets, you have to write the mongodb qry for it, there isn't any API to get all the avaliable assets
    To get all assets for particualr public key you can use 'http://localhost:9984/api/v1/outputs?public_key={public_key}' which will give the spent and unspent transactions for the user

    npm install bigchaindb-driver@4.1.0
    npm install base-x@3.0.4
    npm install bip39@2.5.0

    may be it will help you

    Mahmudin Ashar
    hii all, i'm curently new in bigchaindb ?
    can i ask some question ?
    i have some error like this ?
    what's acutualy happen
    Connection { path: 'http://localhost:9984/api/v1/', headers: {} }
    message: 'HTTP Error: Requested page not reachable',
    status: '500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR',
    requestURI: 'http://localhost:9984/api/v1/transactions?mode=commit'
    stuck for an hour but not see some satified solution

    Hello all,
    Regarding the transferring of an asset, if we take an example of car as an asset, the ownership is being transferred and but in case if we take medicine as an asset, the manufacturer manufactures a bulk quantity of medicines but he transfer some amount of medicine to the shopkeepers. Then how we can transfer the asset?

    Any help is appreciated

    Jürgen Eckel
    @pgulp9981 whenever the manufacturer creates an asset, this has to be quantified, whetever it is one bottle or 20 liters. this can then be split up and transfered to various identities. having it transfered, the receiving party can transfer it further or even burn it
    @mahmudinashar you code implies that you run a node locally. right?
    Diego Torres
    Hi everyone
    is this chat still alive? :D

    Hi there,

    Does anyone knows how to configure BigchainDB/Tendermint to store more create transactions in one block ?

    Phạm Hùng Mạnh
    Hii all, I have error when run conn.postTransactionCommit(txCreateAliceSimpleSigned)
    .then(retrievedTx => console.log('Transaction', retrievedTx.id, 'successfully posted.'))
    How to fix this error?