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Sep 2017
Philipp Hanslovsky
Sep 15 2017 00:32
@axtimwalde agreed on all points
Philipp Hanslovsky
Sep 15 2017 01:34
Thinking about a JavaFX renderer, we should probably also adopt UI behavior that way
For the issue with the background image: we could always generate the transformed bounding boxes of the sources and intersect with the current canvas to create a foreground mask. That should be fairly cheap.
Christian Dietz
Sep 15 2017 05:40
BigArt is cool. Is
Philipp Hanslovsky
Sep 15 2017 21:48
@tpietzsch I updated my branch with the background image, and the background image generator can now be set through ViewerPanel.setBackgroundCreator. With using only sources that are eitherARGBType with zero alpha extension, or RealType with a converter that converters NaN to zero alpha, everything works as intended. I am currently still refraining from a pull request, because I would like to use it a little more to see if there is a performance impact. Also, I do not know about potential side effects of these two lines:
When we combine these with a scheduler and ViewerPanel.setBackground, we can now have gradient background images with changing colors! (when the gradient in the background creator is only in the alpha channel).