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Repo info
    Fernando Barrón Bucio
    I have some problems trying to run your plugin, can you help me?
    Firly Nurlya R 4510210032
    hay i waana ask aboute jUART
    i have some problems to install juart plugins in firefox windows 32bit
    can you helf me? tanks :)
    Fernando Barrón Bucio
    Try to put the .dll file in "C:/" .then open cmd and navigate to "C:/",
    Then open cmd and navigate to "C:/"
    Write "regsvr32 npjUART.dll"
    Then you can check via firefox if the plugin is already installed writing in the url "about:plugins"
    Hope that helps
    Firly Nurlya R 4510210032
    thanks fernandobarron juART.DLL Sucses registered. can i use juART for display text in pole display with php? thx
    hello devs, anybody can tell me where is the folder to put the juart.so file on chrome brower? running on linux
    Jukka Inkeri
    I have Win7 64-bit. "regsvr32 npjUART.dll" not register dll. I got only dialog that maybe not correct ...
    Ioannis Deliakos

    Hello there,
    I noticed load() function is missing so I created my own. There I called pluginValid() and pluginLoaded, I got the alert "plugin seems to be working!" and got no other error from pluginLoaded. So, does everything seem to be allright? I cannot understand how the recv(bytes,size) is about to be used. How am I supposed to use send() and recv() to communicate via serialport?

    Please help me...

    Hmm, I want to make an Arduino LCD simulation so that I can try the LCD while I get my physical LCD up and running. Should I use jUART?
    hi all
    I'm trying to test jUART right now and I have few newbie question ... does anyone here to answer ?
    I'm working on Win7 64 bits with firefox
    I dont understand several things
    on the exemple
    1rst : the load() on onload body event is not defined anywhere
    2nd : the event onload for plugin object looks not called
    thank's anyway for this plugin
    Can someone help me? in order to use this plugin, do i need to install FireBreath?
    miss you
    Hello. In the example, I saw that the load() function was not called. I would like to define it by myself or was it called internally by juart? Thank you
    load() error is happen when i install jUART
    FireBreath link is not working, is it required to install? Please anyone can help me with working link.
    Hello everyone, can anyone write a straight-forward solution to install this plugin on firefox and chrome for x64 windows??????
    This repo was almost what I needed, except it seems to be dead now. Could anyone confirm if they were successful in implementing it and if so, does it still work with Chrome/FF?