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Sep 2014
Jean-Yves Sireau
Sep 15 2014 07:22
@shardiwal Rakesh, see my comment in the pull request. We are moving BOM::Utility::Cache to CPAN, so the test t/BOM/Utility/cache.t should also be moved entirely to CPAN.
If there are any other test scripts related only to that module, they should also be moved to CPAN
Rakesh Kumar Shardiwal
Sep 15 2014 07:35
@jy-binary test script is already there in CPAN
@jy-binary its a duplication, i should remove it from BOM repo. I will do it today and i will keep that in my note :) thanks for verifying it.
Jean-Yves Sireau
Sep 15 2014 07:37
thx. Indeed lets never have any duplicated code.