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Dec 2015
Kim Carter
Dec 27 2015 00:04
Ah, yeah. sublime has a decent plugin.
Through package control you can install MarkdownEditing, source is found here: not that you need the source.
Kevin Alcock
Dec 27 2015 00:09
Cool, I've created a branch, just need to get the plugin
Kim Carter
Dec 27 2015 00:10
All the leanpub flavour markdown is here:
Probably best to use a chrome or firefox Markdown viewing plugin also.
I'll almost certainly have to play a bit with the markdown before merging into master as the leanpub specific markdown syntax does quite a few things differently.
I think when you write the markdown, just keep your eye on how I've done it, as the existing obviously all works with leanpub currently.
Kim Carter
Dec 27 2015 00:17
I probably should have mentioned it before, Russ has volunteered to take the Technical Editor role and Kevin Technical Reviewer. Correct me if I'm wrong on any of that.