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Mar 2016
Kim Carter
Mar 30 2016 11:57
@holisticinfosec do you want to start thinking about the preface. I assume this should be the same for fascicle 0, 1 and 2? Do you know anyone with credibility that may be interested in doing the Foreword? i'll have a bit more of a look at the introduction also. I think the preface also needs to include all contributors?
Russ McRee
Mar 30 2016 17:11
Yes, same for 0, 1, and 2. Preface is usually the perspective of someone not involved in the project on the value of the book for readers based on their experience and beliefs. Contritbutors usually will go in a separate Acknowledgments section that you'll write. I'll ping the two guys I reached out to initially, and expand to see if we can find one soon.