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Apr 2016
Kim Carter
Apr 21 2016 11:20 UTC
@holisticinfosec "Tooling Setup" chapter, "10,000' View and Lower" chapter, "Physical" chapter ready for tech review. I'm prepping for a small talk for next week, then quite a bit of work around AusCert training. I'll pull your fork as soon as I get some breathing space.
Kim Carter
Apr 21 2016 11:31 UTC
Chris Campbell has just mentioned he should be able to do his bits this weekend in the People chapter.
Russ McRee
Apr 21 2016 19:28 UTC
Roger that, understood.
FYI, saw the tidy up you just posted for Ch.4, but you'll find significant edits with my fork. I'm not only tech reviewing but editing (grammar, sentence structure, spelling etc.). My offer to you is don't go back and tidy as I'm cleaning for you. :-)