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Jun 2017
Kim Carter
Jun 28 2017 01:07
We seem to have inconsistencies on full stops at the end of list items, what's the rationale?
Kim Carter
Jun 28 2017 04:46
I've been not putting fullstops on the end of list items for a long time. Is that your preference also? Are there rules around this?
Russ McRee
Jun 28 2017 06:45
Need some context. Where, when, what? I havent submitted VPS back to you yet. You reviewing Fasc0? I have no preference either way, btw
Kim Carter
Jun 28 2017 23:32
Sorry, Packt editor. I'm spending more time than I thought I would be or would have to, or want to with what feels like a junior editor. F0. Which way did we decide to go with F0 though, as it seems to be inconsistent on where/when we should have full stops at the end of list items. In F1 I've been going with no full stops for any list items ever. Is this OK?
If so, I'll just make sure F0 is the same.