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Jul 2017
Kim Carter
Jul 01 2017 04:48

Dear Kim,

I hope you are most excellently well.

Thank you for your detailed feedback points so far, as we prepare the Packt edition of your book. When it comes to these last checks, I just need to make a small request, which is that we focus on any technical errors that you feel need to be addressed Kim, and we do not worry about styling differences that are about Packt's house formatting styles. These house styles from Packt are our protocols about when we use use certain fonts for certain things, or bold, or italics, numbered lists, and those sorts of visual styles. These styles are part of the Packt brand, and will give the Packt edition of your book it's particular look of course. There's more though here around these style decisions and why we need to keep them to our house protocols - these styles map to our XML schemas and then to the many, many formats for books and ebooks in the modern world. Our styles also map critically to key 3rd party distributors such as Safari Books Online. We need very much to stay within our house styles to ensure it all runs smoothly.

If we can focus on just any technical errors, and trust the Packt house styles that will travel around the globe in so many formats and viewing environments, that would be great, and much appreciated Kim.

my best wishes and respect,

Dominic Shakeshaft
Head of New Acquisitions
Publisher/team lead

Thoughts Russ?
I don't think we have any technical issues, so basically what Dominic is saying is, just let us do what we're going to do.