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Aug 2017
Kim Carter
Aug 04 2017 23:39
So how do you mean by all wrapped. The first book was done... must be close to a year ago
The idea of breaking it up, was because there is to much to cover all at once in a timely manner. By the time the third fascicle is out, the earler ones are out of date, so they'll never be presented as all having equal value at the same time. So far, no other publishers have been interested.
The other problem is, other publishers have so many ownership rights over me if I sign, they take no responsibility, I must hold them harmless. Packt has been way more lenient. All the other publishers have also wanted to change loads of the content, and want it delivered in word. After delivering a book this size, I don't have any energy left to go through and re-work the whole thing again.