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Nov 2017
Kim Carter
Nov 10 2017 03:29 UTC
Got meeting with someone from Oreilly next week (my tuesday), we'll see if they're genuinely interesting in picking up the series. Just finishing off the Cloud chapter merge... Leanne just started on Web Applications ch.
Russ McRee
Nov 10 2017 04:36 UTC
Awesome, that’s great re O’Reilly. Re CSPs vs CSP’s, it should be CSPs when plural, referring to multiple CSPs, and CSP’s when possessive, such as a CSP’s capabilities. Make sense?
Kim Carter
Nov 10 2017 04:37 UTC
I hate the english language
Most of the edits you have done look great, I never really get how you get to them though, I just know they're better.
I've reviewed all of the Cloud ch edits now, 99% I've just accepted, much appreciated!
It's refreshing after dealing with Packt muppets.
Kim Carter
Nov 10 2017 05:07 UTC
Re: the CSPs, CSP's I knew you'd have a good reason, so I just accepted your mods.
Cloud ch edits puplished to LeanPub also now.