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Nov 2017
Kim Carter
Nov 16 2017 01:37
Just reviewing Packt stuff again. They've changed a large number of my commands.
Russ McRee
Nov 16 2017 03:43
I’m telling you, man. Packt isn’t worth it.
I know you like the deal less, but you want a quality publisher, with a good layout editor, gotta go with No Starch or Wiley. Packt blows hard.
Kim Carter
Nov 16 2017 04:29
I'm doing a tech editors job for them, problem is, all my content was fine and now they've screwed it all up. Like why the hell are they litterally changing commands. If I bought this book as it currently stands by them, I'd be binning it.
Well, Oreilly say no one reads books over 300 pages anymore and so far No Starch and Wiley haven't been interested. Also they require us to put all this into word docs and change like the entire layout from memory.
I've never owned a Packt book, I read a few many years ago and they were rubbish then.
They haven't changed.
I'm not really concerned about money with No Starch or Wiley, just that they take all rights and I must hold them harmless which to me seems like insanity
Kim Carter
Nov 16 2017 04:47
Just come across about a page of completly brand new content, I've never seen before... WTF?
Kim Carter
Nov 16 2017 05:17
Right... time to review your edits (ch 8 Network). This will be luxurious.