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Mar 2015
Deepak Sharma
Mar 11 2015 16:12 UTC
Hello, I'm final year IT student. This semester I have been assigned with a project "Integrating biological data sources". This field is totally new to me. I searched a found Bio4j fit best to me to meet the project requirements as I'm thinking to represent intergrated data into graph form. I am having a little trouble in starting. Can someone please guide / suggest what is the best way to get started with it?
Eduardo Pareja Tobes
Mar 11 2015 19:56 UTC
@/all I just pushed a new post to the blog: it is just a short overview of the pretty big changes we are introducing right now. This week we will discuss a roadmap for the new features we will be rolling in the next months (a Scala API, new data sources, etc). I will put a link here to the discussion as soon as we have a PR for it. Stay tuned!
@deepakkumarsharma sure, The post could help I think. What do you have in mind? That "Integrating biological data sources" project title sounds like a short description of Bio4j :) so yes you're in the right place