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Mar 2015
Deepak Sharma
Mar 12 2015 03:38 UTC
@eparejatobes The idea behind integrating biological data sources is that whatever data that resides at different sources manily talking about protiens and genes should be brought together at one place so as to easy retrival of data for everyone. Later I have planned to view it as a website through which one may fetch the information required by giving one input. In short my idea to interlink the related data of proteins / genes (any one of them) and retrive it using the simple queries and getting the idea of intergrating the databases. Apologize, if I am unable to explain you properly. I have only little knowledge about it and want to explore more in this field.
Eduardo Pareja Tobes
Mar 12 2015 17:12 UTC
@deepakkumarsharma you already have UniProt (which includes virtually all that is known about proteins) in Bio4j; we are starting to integrate more genomic data sources now. You could perfectly implement something like what you have in mind using Bio4j
you would write queries in Java, over a graph containing all the resources you want to use
and then (for example) you could develop an AWS-based app which would deploy a simple website, with Bio4j as part of the backend; the binary data would be pulled from S3 to the local storage of your instance.
as resources you could do something nice and useful with UniProt, Gene Ontology and taxonomies for example
so that you wouldn't need to integrate any new resource/data into Bio4j
if on the contrary you want/need to actually integrate something, that's also easy.