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Aug 2014
Aug 28 2014 20:12
hello @eparejatobes @laughedelic @evdokim How is going with tabula? Unfortunalety I alsmot do nothing because I am working on my master thesis. Sorry for that. Maybe during weekend I find some time to take a look and do something more
Alexey Alekhin
Aug 28 2014 22:25
don’t worry, tabula is not ready yet “) we’re working on it now. as always, I’m moving from one place to another (back to Granada), so I can’t devote enough time to it, but still I’m trying to do my best. now we have a quite solid foundation for tabula and scarph (and other projects as well): the pointless library :trollface:
we’ve more or less finished with it, so it’s mostly just about refactoring now in scarph/tabula