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Dec 2014
Sebastian Wilzbach
Dec 15 2014 14:38

Hi there,

I did a couple of changes over this weekend - here are the most important ones

1) The registry-workmen checks for new versions every minute (instead of every hour)
2) We decided to specify all biojs specific properties in the package.json into a own "biojs" namespace

Currently available

"biojs": {
   "logo": "specify a logo for your component",
   "registryHeight": "maybe your example needs a different height"

3) The registry now allows one to switch between different examples
4) I have started to add some statistic widgets at
5) I tried to simplify slush-biojs - it now doesn't create a gulpfile by default (+ other tiny, neat features)
6) Currently important issues:

  • biojs/biojs#114
  • biojs/biojs#96