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Mar 2015
Benjamen White
Mar 04 2015 10:45
Well done everyone on the GSoC and thanks Seb and David on the app. Here's to next year :shipit:
Ayush Sharma
Mar 04 2015 12:17
Hi All, As GSoC has started I am finding to try another org for the summer intern. and I want to share my personal experience..I was thinking to contribute on BioJS dashboard project as I had ready with my design and GUI part. BioJS is the best community for me as I learned a lot of things in just few days like how to contribute in open source.. How to interact,code and contribute through PRs. Now I am thinking to select another org in bioinformatics. before joining biojs I really did not know anything about bioinformatics but now I am loving this field. I found a very good support and motivation here.. specially from @greenify and @wilburn . Thank you so much.. I would be active in contribution for the biojs. Thanks to all.. :)
Prasun Anand
Mar 04 2015 17:29