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Feb 2016
Feb 05 2016 09:16
(jj via irc) @ckousik yes, we are currently preparing our application for this year's Google Summer of Code and are still in the process of collecting and reviewing interesting projects. we will let you know once we are further in our planning via gitter and the googlegroup
(jj via irc) stay tuned and looking forward to welcome you to GSoC 2016!
Chinmay Kousik
Feb 05 2016 11:03
:) I'm primarily a nodejs developer so I was wondering about the projects...
Jessica Jordan
Feb 05 2016 16:00
@ckousik feel free to have a look at our projects from recent GSoC applications from past years to see if this might be interesting for you. The final lineup for this year is not settled yet, but this is a good start to get a feeling for our project capacity:
Chinmay Kousik
Feb 05 2016 16:34
I hope I'm not starting too late