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Mar 2016
Mar 01 2016 06:52
(sherlcode13 via irc) Hi , I'm Tirth Bal . I'm a javascript developer .
Karan Sharma
Mar 01 2016 08:10

Hello. I'm a CS undergrad and new to BioJs community. I would like to get involved in development of the project. I have gone through the idea list and willing to get my hands wet by fixing some issues listed on the bug tracker. I have experience in development with Python. So can any mentor could assign me a specific issue that would help me get started ?


Mar 01 2016 16:30
Hello i am new to biojs.I know javascript and want to contribue to biojs.Can anybody get me started?
Amey Agrawal
Mar 01 2016 17:44
Hi, I am Computer Science student and a Js enthusiast. Polymer project has been a center of my interest to me for some time now. I have been through sample codes for web component specs of bioJs3. I have a few quarries and desire to create web component for some bioJs components, could someone help getting started?
Maksim Ivanov
Mar 01 2016 22:57
Hello, I am a CS undergrad at UC Berkeley interested in data science and visualization. My strongest language is Python, however I've done some visualization projects in THREE.js. I am very intrigued by the Visualisation of target-disease relationships in drug discovery task. Let me know how to start contributing to BioJS. Cheers!