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Mar 2016
Michael P Schroeder
Mar 04 2016 06:49
Hello everyone - I have a question regarding using a component and running it with biojs-sniper. How can I specify a port? If I run something like npm run sniper --port 9898, the muts-needle-plot component still is launched at port 9090
Mar 04 2016 13:16
(sushantmit via irc) Hello, I am Sushant Prasad. I went through the ideas list page of BioJS and I am willing to take the IPython project forward. I have little experience with Python and so would like to work on some issues or bugs for a beginner and get familiar with IPython as well . Thank You.
Mar 04 2016 22:57
(aman via irc) Hi I am a 2nd undergrad student and would like to participate in GSOC 2016 in your org . Please can someone help ??