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Mar 2016
Mar 08 2016 13:02
(rohanjaswal via irc) Hi
(rohanjaswal via irc) I saw BioJS on gsoc organizations list
(rohanjaswal via irc) I am really interested in IPython project and would like to contribute to it.
(rohanjaswal via irc) Please help me get started with contribution.
(rohanjaswal via irc) On what platform we could discuss this project?
Enes Poyraz
Mar 08 2016 13:50
Hi there, my name is Enes Poyraz and i am a Bioinformatics Master student in Germany. I would like to apply for the "Visualisation of target-disease relationships in drug discovery" project
I already have experience with Jquery and D3. For example, this is a project i did 5 months ago for Vizualizing Alignments :
Jessica Jordan
Mar 08 2016 15:45
Hi @epoyraz Thanks for your interest in the project! Feel free to ask Miguel, one of the tutors in the project about it if you have further questions. He will be well available via our slack chat and via e-mail
Enes Poyraz
Mar 08 2016 17:48
Ok. Thank you. I will contact him :)