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Mar 2016
David Dao
Mar 11 2016 03:53
Hi @Rupinderwadali . We are excited that you are interested in this project. Please feel free to contact the responsible mentors or check out our slack chat! We already have multiple great web component development going on in BioJS! Feel free to look through our GitHub repositories.
Sunand Reddy
Mar 11 2016 17:31
Hi My name is sunand Studying Btech from IIIT-HYDERABAD studying cse
i wanna contribute to this project
if so how can i start this
whom should i contact
can anyone sayme the basic things
did i start late??
Mar 11 2016 20:23
checkout the BioJS project list on GSoC page
Sunand Reddy
Mar 11 2016 22:40
i know i should check that link but i asked did it became too late for contributing if so how should i continue