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Apr 2016
Rohan Jaswal
Apr 22 2016 21:05
Congratulations to all the gsoc selected students.
Ayush Sharma
Apr 22 2016 21:54

Hello All,

Quite unexpected results but still respect the decisions made by mentors. So as a open source community could we discuss the criteria of selections, contribution to the community parameter is completely ignored. People who have not contributed any commit to community has given chance. It is not only in BioJS but in other communities too. Shocking for me because the person who has selected for the project which I have applied, have not contributed anything to community yet, even in any open source community. Yes, GSoC’s prime target to bring new contributors to the open source but from the past few years it is not like this.

I do not know whether it’s a rule or not but community must release the link of selected proposal to make the process transparent.

Despite the results, I’ll keep contributing.