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Jun 2016
David Dao
Jun 23 2016 10:12
@fayeli nice video, looks almost like a pretty cool halloween costume : ) . To answer your question: Almost every BioJS component uses CommonJS format for loading (because that is how node does it). But you can still keep RequireJS for your module and publish it as node module (so no refactoring needed). Have a look at . Looking forward to more videos !
Sebastian Wilzbach
Jun 23 2016 10:21
@daviddao that's not entirely right, you need to bundle your component into one file. You can't just publish AMD modules on npm - no one would be able to use it. There are some transformers from AMD to CJS that might be worth looking at. Moreover you can also use es6 modules if you want to be a bit more modern, AMD is an outdated technology anyhows.