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Jan 2018
Mithlesh Kumar
Jan 02 2018 07:02
Hello ! Same question @WVik !! I too like to contribute where should I start ? Thanks
Yo Yehudi
Jan 02 2018 16:00
@mithlesh4257 @WVik You folks are awesome! We have a few tasks we need looking at - specifically we probably need to redesign to provide better performance. What types of tasks / languages are you generally interested in ? (e.g. db, creating apis, client side...) also cc @darthgera123
Yo Yehudi
Jan 02 2018 17:12
Would any of you be interested in upgrading a dependency for this package?
This would essentially be just upgrading the package "ecstatic" to be update ~> 2.0.0, and ensuring everything still compiles and works as before.