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Jan 2018
Vikram Waradpande
Jan 15 2018 09:31
Hello! I tried reading on issue biojs/organisation#16 . I partly understand how the CLI works. To get an idea of how sniper works, I also locally tried playing around with this repo:
Will I have to create my own snippet and render it after changing package.json to test whether everything is working fine or not?
Jan 15 2018 10:23
Hey Vikram - I'm not sure - I'd have to ask @yochannah - any thoughts?
I think most modules use sniper?
So that if you tried running another one with NodeJS then you would be able to test that?
I'm guessing here - it's been a while since I ran some BioJS code!
Yo Yehudi
Jan 15 2018 13:48
@WVik I'm not entirely sure myself at this point as it's not one of the aspects I've worked on. It might be best to leave a question on the issue mentioning wilzbach to see if we can get his attention?
Yo Yehudi
Jan 15 2018 15:02
:thumbsup: I see you just did, good job :)