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Feb 2018
Feb 14 2018 00:32 UTC
Sure thing
I think we would need to pass in the data that we currently show (it's down now actually) on
as a json
perhaps two
one as a list of values with minimal details
another as a detailed for a particular module
your thoughts @yochannah and @dennis?
Yo Yehudi
Feb 14 2018 10:00 UTC
I think you summed it up well @rowlandm ! We should probably make a clear API spec for students so they can work to the spec even though the back end project won't be in place for the front-end student to consume.
(This could be a blatant copy of the old one)
Feb 14 2018 20:09 UTC
Good points @yochannah
Check this out from Bjoern
Björn Grüning
Feb 14 2018 20:12 UTC
thanks @rowlandm!
Feb 14 2018 20:13 UTC
I'm going to try and read that PR! Just not today ;)
Björn Grüning
Feb 14 2018 20:16 UTC
Aysam just merged our 2 vis plugin framework into one
so its easier to teach and integrate
Feb 14 2018 20:17 UTC
Ok that's great!