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Feb 2018
Feb 22 2018 08:28
Reminder that the Monthly Community Call is in two hours. YOu can see the details here:
Sarthak Sehgal
Feb 22 2018 19:00
Is there any source where I can understand the workmen issue in detail?
Thanks to Dennis and @rowlandm, found this really helpful: biojs/organisation#3
But it doesn't say much about the workmen issue so I still need some more details before I can think on it.
Sarthak Sehgal
Feb 22 2018 19:44
Okay, so I looked upon some latest packages to make our task easier.
Some relevant stuff I found:
    This is a package to list all the npm packages with a certain keyword.
    This module will do query NPM registry to fetch any NPM module details including statistics.
    Retrieves the whole package.json file of the package.
@rowlandm @yochannah
I think these packages would be quite useful to display stuff other than the visualizations. They're fast and reliable. What are you thoughts on this?
Feb 22 2018 20:20
sounds fine to me. Wee might find issues down the track but that would just be an implementation problem
Sarthak Sehgal
Feb 22 2018 20:52
As Dennis said, the current workman is currently in progress. So the workman can actually use some of those packages.
Feb 22 2018 20:58
It might already be doing so?
Sanchit Ahuja
Feb 22 2018 21:53
Hello, I am new to the Open Source community. I am interested in "Backend Website Student Project for BioJS" project of OBF. I am good with Python and know a bit of JavaScript.