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Feb 2018
Sarthak Sehgal
Feb 26 2018 13:20
So the idea is to incorporate the whole into the frontend website?
I'm facing some difficulties in running it locally. Could you please share some more details about BioJS Edu (or some screenshots?)
Feb 26 2018 20:54
I don't have much sorry @sarthak-sehgal
I would suggest you mention as a bonus tutorials and help in the project.
But we'll treat it separately
Alkesh Srivastava
Feb 26 2018 22:05
@rowlandm I think much work has already been done on the edu website and incorporating it in the new website would prove cumbersome. So maybe a better option would be to provide a link to the edu website?
Feb 26 2018 23:34
At the moment I don't think we have a edu website
It's OK to leave it out
for now