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Mar 2018
Mar 20 2018 04:22
Hi @abhinavvisen - nice to meet you
Yes, you should have a look at this issues register here:
@/all Community meeting on Thursday 22nd 10.30am GMT biojs/organisation#28
Rohit Gupta
Mar 20 2018 06:34
Mar 20 2018 08:24
Nice to meet you too @rowlandm .OK I will look into it
Alkesh Srivastava
Mar 20 2018 18:03
@abhinavvisen You could start by chalking out a high level implementation to the current problems. I would suggest that you take special care while doing so and try to keep the solution as simple as possible.
Then you might wanna run some speed tests for the registry and try working on solutions to fix that. Lastly, I recommend going through the following document to get a better understanding
Mar 20 2018 18:06
Ok thank you for the guidance @alkesh47 .I will do so.
Mar 20 2018 20:32
Thanks @alkesh47 - I forgot I wrote that :)