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Apr 2018
Megh Thakkar
Apr 10 2018 08:16
Hi @everyone, the reason for using the Github API call for the details of the Components would ensure that up-to-date information is provided to the client. For all the other requests, the data sent would be from the database of the server, which will be updated via a cronjob as already discussed with @rowlandm. Regarding the rate-limiting, the documentation states that using a client ID and secret for a registered app would increase the rate for unauthenticated requests to 5000(
Also, the reason that this is on the client side is that it works like any other API call, and hence it does not require any interference from the backend.
Once the rate limit is reached, the call sends a 403 status code, which can be handled and the data can, as always, be requested from the server.
As Vue.js is to be used, concurrent calls can be made, to both Github as well as the server, and hence, the details can be displayed without compromising the speed.
Apr 10 2018 08:24
Hi @Megh-Thakkar I had one doubts
Will the updating happen in the real time
For the components for which we are giving the github API calls
Apr 10 2018 16:22
Hey @Megh-Thakkar - I reckon we will just get the data off our server so that we can keep things simple
I think if we are out by 10 minutes, it's not going to be a big deal, although we could try to force a refresh if we need it.
Megh Thakkar
Apr 10 2018 16:40
Hey @rowlandm, that sounds totally fine. Also, as you already said, it will be simpler to implement.
Hi @abhinavvisen , I guess @rowlandm's message answers your question too!