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Apr 2018
Rohit Gupta
Apr 13 2018 13:54
@all I just compressed the API response and saw a 6X reduction in size. The size of the response data went from 137 KB to 23.2 KB. I guess 23 KB is not at all a bad size for information of around 200 packages.
It now takes me an average of 250 ms to fetch information of all the packages.
Apr 13 2018 13:56
It's very impressive @r0hit-gupta
Rohit Gupta
Apr 13 2018 13:57
Here are the average response times of the database
Can someone please help me verify the response times? Here is the link.
The server right now is located in India, however using a CDN would normalise the latency for any location in the world.
Rohit Gupta
Apr 13 2018 14:06
@abhinavvisen thank you
Alkesh Srivastava
Apr 13 2018 14:32
@r0hit-gupta I just tested it out, I'm getting similar response time, compression of the API response has improved the time indeed :+1:
Apr 13 2018 16:52
Nice work @r0hit-gupta
Megh Thakkar
Apr 13 2018 17:59
Hey @r0hit-gupta, the response time looks great, was having a look and I'm not getting a response. Is the server shut at the moment?