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Apr 2018
Apr 24 2018 01:04
Congratulations guys.
Megh Thakkar
Apr 24 2018 05:58
Thank you @all for always helping me out with the very important inputs. Again, a heart-warming thanks to @rowlandm and @yochannah for being so extensive in their suggestions and being so professional yet so friendly in their conduct. You people are amazing! It is undoubtedly going to be an amazing summer :smile:
Yo Yehudi
Apr 24 2018 08:47
Yo Yehudi
Apr 24 2018 15:17
@bgruening what are you up to this thursday - might you be able to pop by our community call for a chat about the grant proposal?
Yo Yehudi
Apr 24 2018 16:16
@sarthak-sehgal @Megh-Thakkar Check it out, you're famous:
Sarthak Sehgal
Apr 24 2018 17:27
Wow! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
Hitesh Joshi
Apr 24 2018 18:23
hahhhaha I'm also there in the list