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May 2018
Yo Yehudi
May 09 2018 09:26
@sarthak-sehgal @Megh-Thakkar gentle nudge re: the blog - are you still bogged down with exams? :)
Sarthak Sehgal
May 09 2018 09:38
@yochannah, really sorry for the delay. Unfortunately, the exams are still on. I would definitely try to get it done by tonight. If that won't be possible, I will surely send it by tomorrow. I think @Megh-Thakkar has almost completed his part. I am yet to write mine.
I have a 3 days long break after tomorrow's exam so I would also like to discuss the project and start off setting up things (if possible).
Apologies for the delay.
Yo Yehudi
May 09 2018 09:40
no worries! I hope the exams are going well :)