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Jun 2018
Megh Thakkar
Jun 16 2018 09:08
Sorry @/all, had been inactive this week on ththe work front because it mostly involved reading about query optimization from various blogs. As I am using Django, a lot of blogs stated that they have nearly perfected the under lying RAW SQL queries. But I have cut down on some ways, which will provide slight speed improvements(around 10-15 %). As it won't take long, I will start with major redis implementation.
Jun 16 2018 09:16
Wait on using redis @Megh-Thakkar
I think we havent finalised the data we want
I'd prefer if you are almost done data wise to look at ansible to build a server from scratch
Redis can be done at the end if we need it
Megh Thakkar
Jun 16 2018 10:25
Okay @rowlandm ! I will start with it then :smile:
Megh Thakkar
Jun 16 2018 17:09
The "watchers" issue is resolved in the details part. Apparently, Github API sends the same value for stargazers and watchers and the actual number of watchers as "subscribers_count" which is weird. Updated the API call and now we have the correct data!
Sarthak Sehgal
Jun 16 2018 18:09
@all, I've written documentation for the following components and it is now up to-date:
About, Component, Components, ComponentStat, Contributor, SearchComponent
Pull request can be found here: biojs/biojs-frontend#14
Updated guide can be found here:
(make sure to clear your browser's cache or open in incognito)