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Jun 2018
Yo Yehudi
Jun 20 2018 09:01
@sarthak-sehgal the screenshots folder doesn't have anything after week 3. Could you add a screenshot or two so I could add it to a tweet about the blog? :)
Sarthak Sehgal
Jun 20 2018 13:46
@yochannah, updated! :smiley:
Sarthak Sehgal
Jun 20 2018 13:52

@all, Megh and I were discussing about the visualizations and how we could implement it efficiently.
According to our understanding, this is how the current Sniper works:

  1. Get the package.json of the component
  2. Get the bundled raw JS for the package through
  3. Get the raw JS for the extra dependencies of the package as listed in the object "snippet" in the package.json file
  4. Include all the scripts and create a static HTML file

Now, as we discussed the implementation, Megh pointed out that it would be a bad idea for him to combine all the scripts and serve me the static HTML and also that he can only serve it in base64 so I'll have to decode it later on.
He suggested that I make a "template" component in VueJS for the visualization and include it in the website if visualization exists.

I can look into the possibilities and try implementing it (will take some time though, I think).
Shall we go with this approach?
Jun 20 2018 13:57
Go for it. This is all new. Try something easy first and give it a day or two
Yo Yehudi
Jun 20 2018 13:58
Thanks for the updated screenshots, @sarthak-sehgal ! You might be interested to know for next time that Firefox's screenshot tool allows you to capture full pages:
Jun 20 2018 20:14
HI @sarthak-sehgal - we are still seeing the old branch without the links:
Megh Thakkar
Jun 20 2018 22:19
Hi @DennisSchwartz the tag you mentioned(gmkhsuorlom4n85u) for the test component is returned no results. Try curl "". Did I miss something?
To search for it as a "keyword", try curl ""
The size parameter is for the number of results to be returned(1 means it returns the top result)