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Jun 2018
Yo Yehudi
Jun 25 2018 01:26 UTC
Hah! That is so true
Megh Thakkar
Jun 25 2018 06:14 UTC
This chat!!! :laughing:
Btw, @maxkfranz the package.json for cytoscape states the location for cytoscape.js under the "build" folder, in the sniper configuration, whereas it is actually in the "dist" folder. The reason the visualizations are getting served is that the wzrd bundle is also compiling "cytoscape.js"! Can you please make the change in package.json, as I need to store the path in the database? Thanks
Megh Thakkar
Jun 25 2018 06:33 UTC
This is along the lines of the configuration of msa, where the path mentioned was "dist" but the JS file was in the "src" folder. I already have an open issue there, but the contributors seem to be busy at the moment. The reason the visualizations are working is because in the case of msa, "msa.js" is being built by wzrd, same as cytoscape. Though it will work in our case as well, since I will be sending the wzrd URL to @sarthak-sehgal , the data will be inconsistent. Can anyone put me in contact with @maxkfranz and wilzbach so this can be resolved as early as possible?
The biojs-sniper README states that dependencies starting with "build" will anyways be ignored.