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Jul 2018
Yo Yehudi
Jul 03 2018 11:28
@DennisSchwartz Met your housemate at GCCBOSC
Dennis Schwartz
Jul 03 2018 11:29
Oooh! I didn’t know those were the same things! :D But I thought that might have been it. I knew you were in Portland too haha
Still, good to know what people talk about when they talk about me :D
Yo Yehudi
Jul 03 2018 11:30
Jul 03 2018 11:38
Sarthak Sehgal
Jul 03 2018 16:29
@all, since Wzrd was giving time out errors, Megh proposed to bundle the components on the server. So as an initial step I cloned Cytoscape's repository. Shockingly, it's size is 72MB! Further, I ran npm install
Well, the size of the node_modules folder is 136MB!!!
It seems practically impossible to bundle it on the server and I think that now we know why we're getting timeout.
Yo Yehudi
Jul 03 2018 16:50
yes, that makes a lot of sense! I remember encountering the same problem when I bundled cytoscape into an intermine module once
(only just thought of it now, sorry)
do we want to restrict previews to packages smaller than n megabytes?
not sure what n would be
Megh Thakkar
Jul 03 2018 17:29
@yochannah though that does sound like a good idea, I guess for smaller packages we will not face a problem as wzrd will handle it. Since we are restricting, we are forcing that visualizations of bigger components won't be rendered. But if we just leave it up to wzrd, there's a slight possibility that bigger components might be rendered.