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Jul 2018
Sarthak Sehgal
Jul 21 2018 13:47
Done! :smiley:
Jul 21 2018 21:34
Thanks! CHecking it now
Jul 21 2018 21:39
Almost 50% of components don't work in the new website compared to the old:
8/18 so far
Megh Thakkar
Jul 21 2018 22:06
  1. I am almost done with Ansible, tested on another server I got. It's woking as expected. Will be adding minor tweaks to make it user-friendly. PR of the final play biojs/biojs-backend-ansible#8. I was also planning to add a play to automatically set-up an ssl cert using Let's Encrypt if time permits.
  2. NPM registry : 131 packages with the 'biojs' tag! Things are getting back to normal!!!
  3. @maxkfranz the wzrd issue seems to persist. Cytoscape bundle for 3.2.12 gets built in seconds but the latest version, 3.2.15 is constantly giving us 502 Bad Gateway Errors.
We have decided to scrape version data from for the snippets and will be working our way up. For example, has the version as 3.2.6 for cytoscape. We will start from there, and test wzrd for successful builds, incrementing the version, till we stumble upon an unsuccessful build, i.e. we test 3.2.7, 3.2.8 and so on. We will render the visualization using this latest build. This will ensure that we are able to get atleast those snippets working that are up on, and probably some more as well.
Jul 21 2018 22:35
Having a look now.
@Megh-Thakkar let's discuss this idea tonight