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Jul 2018
Jul 22 2018 06:54
See you in around 2. 5 hours @sarthak-sehgal @Megh-Thakkar and @DennisSchwartz
Sorry around 3.5 hours time!
Dennis Schwartz
Jul 22 2018 09:47
Also, just to chip into the npm version discussion: You should be able to get all available versions of a package through the npm API :)
Jul 22 2018 10:25
See you in 5 minutes!
Sarthak Sehgal
Jul 22 2018 10:39
Updates on Ansible:
  1. Megh will look upon the SSL certification for the website.
  2. Ansible setup for multiple servers.
Sarthak Sehgal
Jul 22 2018 10:46
  1. Dennis to test Ansible scripts to build the website from scratch.
Updates on website:
  1. Link to random components having visualizations to be added
Megh Thakkar
Jul 22 2018 10:49
Updates on the front-end:
  1. API for generating random components works well. Link for the same needs to added on the web page.
  1. Work on a user-friendly "Contact Us" page.
Megh Thakkar
Jul 22 2018 11:01
  1. Get a new permanent server to work on the visualizations perfectly. Till that takes place, use the current registry snippets for rendering visualization.
  1. The current server will be working based on the registry, which has been set up as the "benchmark".
-> Dennis has to come up with a list, enlisting the minimum necessities to create the MVP before GSoC time period ends.
-> Sarthak has to create a separate branch, where the work on visualizations will be proceeding, and the master branch will be served as of now, with snippets rendering from the current registry.
Jul 22 2018 11:11
  • Rowland to confirm permanent servers from Nectar
  • Sarthak and Megh to provide a post on Monday to the blog