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Jul 2018
Megh Thakkar
Jul 29 2018 09:33
Live minutes of the meet:
  • Two more servers have been acquired and serving has to be tested.
Megh Thakkar
Jul 29 2018 09:45
  • Start updating the new website on so as to start migration as soon as possible.
Megh Thakkar
Jul 29 2018 09:50
  • Have a get query 'debug' in the URLs where if it is present and set to 'true', the random-generator for components is present else it should not be present.
Megh Thakkar
Jul 29 2018 09:58
  • Polish website for production. @DennisSchwartz has opened up issues that need to be closed for the same.
  • Create a prioritization report for fixing the visualization issues.
  • Add anything that has to be done as an issue so it can be tackled in the future, in case Megh or @sarthak-sehgal are not able to work in the future.
Jul 29 2018 10:10
Great. Thanks @Megh-Thakkar
Please add all of these as issues @Megh-Thakkar and @sarthak-sehgal
Expecting to see these notes on blog tomorrow