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Aug 2018
Sarthak Sehgal
Aug 23 2018 10:08
@all, really sorry, my network is quite unstable - I won't be able to be there. I'd like to mention these points:
  1. Since the results of GSoC have been announced (passed :D), I think that we can now shift the website to the main domain safely.
  2. Future work: whether to work on workman now or in the hackathon to shift it to the python server or let it be, etc.
  3. Megh and I have applied for the OBF fellowship for the hackathon. Hoping for the best.
Yo Yehudi
Aug 23 2018 10:31
sorry your connection was so bad, Sarthak! Megh had similar problems :(
for InterMine one of our students was going to present their GSoC work on a community call and had a thunderstorm that killed power + internet about an hour before the call so they couldn't present :(
Sarthak Sehgal
Aug 23 2018 11:53
The university internet is just so unpredictable :(
If possible, can someone put up the minutes of meet?
Sarthak Sehgal
Aug 23 2018 12:01
Thanks a lot! :)
I'll try making a minimalistic design for the sticker this weekend. :)
Yo Yehudi
Aug 23 2018 12:02
Yo Yehudi
Aug 23 2018 14:50
So another funding option for @sarthak-sehgal and @Megh-Thakkar might be this: - but you'd need to do something bioschemas-ey like marking up BioJS tools as a BioSchemas tool -
(Suggested by Leyla!)
So maybe you two want to register on the waiting list now?
Aug 23 2018 17:42
Hey guys ,Since GSOC is over, Can I contribute in this project?
If yes can you guys direct me to the repo and issues.