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Sep 2018
Sarthak Sehgal
Sep 26 2018 08:19
@AjitPS, I am looking into it and will revert soon.
Ajit Singh
Sep 26 2018 08:37
thanks @sarthak-sehgal
Yo Yehudi
Sep 26 2018 08:59
Nice one @sarthak-sehgal
Ajit Singh
Sep 26 2018 12:48
would be good to have our demo's integrated/embedded in BioJS too... am not sure where we can find docs/info on this? for me and @KeywanHP
Megh Thakkar
Sep 26 2018 22:40
Hey @AjitPS hope you remember me :smile:
Wanted to let you know that KnetMaps and genomaps are up on the BioJS registry, sorry for the inconvenience!
Björn Grüning
Sep 26 2018 22:49
@Megh-Thakkar awesome! Thats really cool
thanks all!
Megh Thakkar
Sep 26 2018 22:58
You are welcome @bgruening :smile:
Megh Thakkar
Sep 26 2018 23:04
@AjitPS for integrating the components, you can refer to the first point here. Just to clear it out, when shifting to the new site, we faced some issues with wzrd, which basically works as browserify on the web and is used for bundling up the JS code into one, so we will might have to test the same.
But the above README is the definite way to start.