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Dec 2018
Yo Yehudi
Dec 14 2018 04:58
I think that adding an absolute URL is a bit tricky, especially for the early development phase (i.e. we could use jsdelivr, but only after it's been released on npm, but we won't have it on npm until after the package is release for the first time...)
this scaffolder tool should reliably create the files in the /dist folder -
tests welcome to see waht I've missed / forgotten / screwed up, etc.
Yo Yehudi
Dec 14 2018 05:05
@DennisSchwartz @rowlandm you don't have access to travis by any chance? I wanted to set up CI
Yo Yehudi
Dec 14 2018 05:37
I... um... wasn't signed in
Dennis Schwartz
Dec 14 2018 07:00
Haha I was wondering. Awesome! I’ll take a look at the scaffolder tomorrow.
Yo Yehudi
Dec 14 2018 07:01
cool :sunglasses:
Shubham kakkar
Dec 14 2018 13:47
Hey everyone one, My name is shubham kakkar(I am from India) I am Planning to contribute the biojs repository..! looking forward for guidance and tips..!