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Dec 2018
Yo Yehudi
Dec 15 2018 00:29
Hey Shubham!! Tell us a little about yourself - what sort of things are you interested in, what languages do you like?
Yo Yehudi
Dec 15 2018 02:05
We need to start thinking of GSoC ideas - I've started a doc here:
Shubham kakkar
Dec 15 2018 05:59
I am a second year college student, persuing Btech-CSE. I started coding in my 9th standard.
I am more of a front end guy , tech stack - react / React-native and vue ; node.js for backend
Sarthak Sehgal
Dec 15 2018 08:44
@yochannah @DennisSchwartz
What exactly is our stand on the visualizations right now?
As far as I know - we'll be requesting the organisations to push their build version too and we'll be using WebComponents for the visualizations
Dennis Schwartz
Dec 15 2018 11:24
@sarthak-sehgal I made some changes to the frontend (Not deployed yet) to show that visualisations are available but not currently supported. I also made them work for cases where they don’t need any bundling.
And I’m almost done with my own implementation of wzrd basically haha. And it seems to work but it needs some final touches and integration. So some more work to be done.
@shubhamkakkar that’s great and sounds like a good match for us. How did you find BioJS?
We could definitely need some help to finish off some things in the front end.
Shubham kakkar
Dec 15 2018 11:27
I am planning for GSOC - 19, and was browsing through all the organisation and then found a front end project, so I started studying the code..!
I too have done some changes as well in front end , would do a PR soon. r a gist I changed the phone's image on home screen with the logo - animated to rotate